Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's funny how music helps me write. I've been playing dark edgy music while I write the darker scenes. Sometimes I'll play some classical music during some of the more transitional parts. I try to choose music that fits the kind of scene I'm writing. For some reason it helps me get into the groove and make progress. My writing is more vivid when I do that. I also think it helps me get into an emotion that fits the scene ...after all a large part of this is about transferring emotions. I'm trying to make you feel something, concern, shock, anger, joy, relief, peace as it corresponds to what's happening in the story.

I'm making slow progress and staying positive. I just started writing a scene that comes right out of the pages of the Bible. What an amazing responsibility to stay faithful to God's revealed truth and yet how interesting and enjoyable it is to recreate the scene and imagine what it would have felt like or looked like to be in the middle of it. It has given me a whole new perspective on a short paragraph in the Bible that I'd read many times, but often without thinking much about it or its significance. Many of the scenes I'm writing are simply products of my imagination without a biblical parallel...simply fiction that tries to stay true to the historical situation of ancient Israel, but in several key places I'll be taking my readers right into the middle of biblical stories and that is a very exciting (and sobering!) undertaking.

Well...that's all for this brief update on my progress. I'm inching toward my goal. Please continue to keep me and my project in your prayers!

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