Friday, May 25, 2012

Writing Free: What's that all about?

I have two huge passions in my life: Writing and God's Word.

I've always loved to write. Growing up I filled notebooks with poetry and reflections on life, faith, people and God. I also loved to read what others wrote. A picture may be worth a thousand words...but when people read a thousand well-written words they may see a million pictures, smell a million smells, taste a million tastes, feel a million feelings, and most importantly they will think a million thoughts. I love to create with words and I love to make people think. I am currently working on publishing a book, a work of Christian fiction. I'm taking a real person mentioned breifly in the Bible and imagining what his life's journey may have been like. I want to explore what it must have been to live in the days of Saul and David and experience that world and see amazing things that God did in those days. I want to write a story that illustrates what God's Word has always done in the lives of people on earth and glorify God by communicating his love and his truth in this work of fiction. I pray that God will use it to bring more people into contact with his saving truth--his Word.

God's Word is my chief passion. It is because of God's truth that I am free--free from the most desperate situation a person can ever imagine. I was born dead-spiritually dead. We all are. God's truth is clear about that. (Ephesians 2:1-3) Dead in sin, born a sworn enemy of the true God, separated from him and his love, spiritually blind, tragically alone, eternally condemned. It is by God's grace that I am free from all of that. He worked a miracle! He used his truth to save me. The truth that my Savior has truly come and fulfilled God's age-old promises. I cannot stand before God as I am, but my Savior lived my life in my place--perfectly! He donated that perfect life on my behalf. He died the death I deserved in my place. He experienced my eternal condemnation. He died on a cross. He was buried in a tomb. He came to life again and shattered death's grip on me. God has rescued me by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to save a world full of people born dead to God--including me! He has communicated that amazing truth to the world by giving us his Word--the Bible. (Ephesians 2:4-10 and Romans 1:16)

I am nothing apart from Christ. He has set me free to serve him and other people with everything that I am and have and do. (Galatians 5:13) And so, I am writing free!  May the posts I write here and all I do give glory to the God whose grace alone has set me free.