Friday, July 6, 2012

Writing Takes Discipline

I'm finding that writing really takes discipline. It's a major passion of mine to write and create and I enjoy working on creative projects like this, but the distractions are endless!!

Fridays have become my free day. My weekly and daily schedule is quite flexible, but I find that my other studies and work occupy most of my week...even my early morning hours during the week. That doesn't leave much time for writing "for fun". I realize that I need to find some time to work each day on my book if there's any hope of reaching my goal: a completed first draft by the end of this year. Right now, Friday is one day when I can get up early and dedicate quality, quiet hours to writing. Those hours go by way too fast!!

Today I was re-working the opening of the book. I felt that my original opening just wasn't attention- grabbing enough. I wanted to launch into some major action right away while also introducing some of the internal and external struggles of my main character. (The previous opening was an internal struggle going on in his mind which I'll use a little later on.) I was really getting into it and getting excited about where I was going next and then ....I hear the gentle tapping steps of my 4 year-old son coming down the basement stairs. It was 6 am. His smile melts my heart. His curiosity is endearing. I love having little chats with him. It was a distraction worth having, but it was still a distraction.
Soon enough my 1 year old daughter is awake and wanting to come out of her crib. Breakfast needs to be made. My wife is up and getting ready to teach an exercise class. The daily schedule is off and running again and my computer and my writing are soon left behind. The kids need my attention...more than they have been getting. My wife needs me and my time and has things for me to do. The garden needs weeding...badly! The tasks of the day soon fill the open time slots and my "free" day is a "full" day and my book is collecting dust before it is even a completed manuscript! That's a bit frustrating. If anybody has tips for time management during the writing process...I'm all ears. I need all the help I can get...

I know its going to take major discipline. It's going to take a very firm schedule. I need to carve out quality, distraction-free, focused writing sessions not just every week, but every day--and they need to be carved in stone!  That is going to take discipline and determination, but that is what it is going to take to get this project finished and finished well.

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